Applications for Flexible Rotary Shaft

There are innumerable flexible coupling types employing flexible rotary drive shafts.  SS White Technologies UK Ltd has the engineering expertise to design, develop, manufacture and supply flexible rotary shaft solutions to meet our customers’ varied needs.

The examples below represent just a very few of the many industries where our flexible rotary shaft solutions can be found.

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Flexible Rotary Shaft


Tacho Cables
Fan drives
Valve operation
Armoured vehicle sighting closures


Brushcutters (Strimmers)
Drill Drives

Aerospace Flexible Coupling


Thrust Reversers
Nozzle Control
Flap Control
Tube cleaning

Automotive Flexible Coupling Types


Seat Adjusters (powered seats)
Tacho cables
Heater controls
Brake bias systems (competition vehicles)

Food & Medical

Meat Slicers


Remote valve control
General Purpose Machines
Control Cables
Window Opener
Blind Opener
Screw jacks
Various Flexible Coupling Types
Elevator fail safe systems
Spray Guns
Screening plant
Displacement take up (motor to drive line)